Journée en bateau tout compris : Découvrez le paradis avec AURA Yacht...

Toutes les excursions en bateau comprennent : Le Capitaine, Carburant, Boissons, Équipement de plongée, Joie et Bonne humeur!

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Our experienced captain will guide you along the stunning coastlines to hidden gems like Pinel and Tintamarre. Enjoy an unforgettable day with all-inclusive amenities, seamlessly blending relaxation and exploration.


British Overseas Territory located in the Eastern Caribbean. When it comes to beaches, you can choose from long stretches of sand, such as in Rendez-vous Bay, which offers a stunning view of the neighboring island of Saint-Martin. Protected sites include the Big Spring Caves, known for their prehistoric petroglyphs, and East End Pond, a natural reserve.


Renowned for its white sandy beaches and designer boutiques. Gustavia, the capital built around a harbor frequented by yachts, offers upscale restaurants and historical attractions such as the Wall House, where exhibitions trace the island’s Swedish colonial era. 

Sunset cruise

Enjoy an intimate and romantic atmosphere, cruise along picturesque coastlines, and relax with premium cocktails. Book now for an evening of luxury, relaxation, and Caribbean splendor. Embark on an unforgettable adventure under the setting sun of Saint-Martin.